2017 Conconully Flooding

With the Lightening and rainstorm on May 4th combined with a couple warm days, the North Fork Salmon Creek overflowed the Broadway Street Bridge on the evening of May 5th.

Conconully maintenance personnel had pre-positioned sand, sandbags and equipment in preparation for such an event.

Conconully Public Works Director, Zac Claussen, used a backhoe to remove wood debris that had started lodging against the bridge, while numerous citizens and visitors filled and placed sand bags up and down the creek and around the bridge.

Around 7:30 PM the water started to recede.

At 8:00 PM a log jam broke loose up-creek, lodging itself against the bridge. This caused over seven inches of water and debris to flow over the bridge and erode the creek banks to the edge of the bridge.

The backhoe was again used to remove the wood debris, allowing the water to flow easier. Water levels remained steady and finally started to recede around 11:00 PM.

State Parks personnel kept watch on the creek until 2:00 AM.  

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