July 3, 2019

Follow link for real time photos of Oneil Rd fire:


Make sure to click on the Aeneas Lookout camera.

Incident Type: Wildfire

Cause: Under Investigation

Location: South of Swanson Mill Rd & East of O'neil Rd

Size: 281 Acres



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2019-07-03 6:00PM

       Fire is knocked down but still active.

      Swanson Mill road is Open.

Swanson Mill road on the left.  Photo looking north east.

Photo provided by DNR.

Swanson Mill road on right.  Photo looking north.


Swanson Mill road on bottom.  Photo looking south west.

2019-07-03 3:59PM

Name changed for the fire from Oneil Road Fire to Swanson Mill Fire.

2019-07-03 3:25PM

Fire is south of Swanson Mill rd and east of Oneil rd; is estimated to be at

200 acres and moving North.

2019-07-03 3:05PM

Road Closures:

Oneil Rd and Swanson Mill Rd have been closed.

2019-07-03 3:04PM


Due to the Oneil Rd fire PUD has lost internet services with NO ETA on repairs yet.

Power is still currently working.

If you lost power please contact PUD at 509-422-3310.

First Update: 2019-07-03

A Fire is burning near Oneil Rd, south of Oroville.

Persons should be aware of their surroundings and take action if needed.

Be cautious of emergency vehicles responding.

Do NOT wait for door to door notification, take action if needed.

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